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2016-10-31 0:16 GMT+01:00 Pietro Battiston <ml a pietrobattiston.it>:

> Il numero di aziende che si sono lanciate su un prodotto con un rischio
> di lock-in pari al 100% poi mi ha francamente stupito.
> (E il fatto che gli account siano team-specific mi ha innervosito, ma
> questi saranno gusti...)


Da http://uk.businessinsider.com/slack-free-unlimited-plan-has-limits-2015-6

*He says once he added 8,462 users to his Slack channel, it stopped
accepting new users. *
*"There's no mention of it anywhere, and yet it's clear this limit exists.
It's just hidden," Larson told Business Insider. "There are hundreds of
open source communities blindly signing up for Slack, not knowing that
they're rapidly hurdling toward this limit that will basically halt their
community's growth."*
*Now, this limit apparently strikes only when more than 8,462 users are
added to a single channel. It's possible to create many different channels
within Slack, which is how most companies use it. *
*But for an open source community like Free Code Camp, it's important to
use a messaging app that has the capacity to hold thousands of users in a
single chat room. Larson's site, for example, has 35,000 total users, who
mainly communicate through one big general channel.*
*After discovering the user limit, Larson reached out to Slack's service
desk, but they also seemed confused with what they could offer. As Larson
explains on his blog, Slack initially told him they could fix it, only to
retract later and tell him that he's reached the "maximum user limit for a
Slack team."*

Sperare di rimanere meno di 8462 pythonisti nel canale mi pare brutto :-)

Tutta la storia non  per nulla carina.


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