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> 2016-07-01 23:35 GMT+02:00 Simone Federici <s.federici a gmail.com>:
> > dio c'! almeno uno che capisce il mio SOH
> Quale significato attribuisci all'acronimo?
> SOH    Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)
> SOH    State Of Health
> SOH    Start of Heading
> SOH    Start Of Header
> SOH    Stock On Hand
> SOH    School of Hospitality (various locations)
> SOH    Straits of Hormuz
> SOH    Soldiers of Honor (gaming)
> SoH    Sons of Hodir (World of Warcraft)
> SOH    Survivors of Homicide
> SOH    Siege of Hate (band)
> SOH    Sports Olympiques de Houilles (French: Houilles Olympic Sports;
> sports club; est. 1929)
> SoH    Shores of Hazeron (game)
> SOH    Scientific Observation Hole
> SOH    Start of Overhaul
> SOH    Stoughton Opera House (Stoughton, WI)
> SOH    Second-Order-Hold
> SOH    Saviors of Humor (gaming clan)
> SOH    Significant Other Half
> SOH    Saints of Hell
> SOH    Space on Hire (India)
> SOH    Sine is Opposite divided by Hypotenuse (trigonometry)
> SOH    So Over Him/Her
> SoH    Sepia Officinalis Hemocyanin
> SOH    Some Old Hippie
> SOH    Sound of Hope (radio network)
> SOH    Soldiers of Heaven
> SOH    Save Our Homes (Amendment)
> SoH    Secretariat of Health
> SOH    Staff Officer's Handbook (various organizations)
> SOH    Section Overhead (SONET)
> SOH    Sense Of Humor (used in personal ads)
> SOH    Signal Overhead (SONET)
> SOH    Snyder's of Hanover (bakery)
> SOH    Society of Homeopaths
> SOH    Secretary of Housing (US)
> SOH    South of Heaven
> SOH    Safety and Occupational Health (USACE)

(used in personal ads)


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