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Ven 1 Lug 2016 23:59:03 CEST

2016-07-01 23:35 GMT+02:00 Simone Federici <s.federici a gmail.com>:
> dio c'! almeno uno che capisce il mio SOH

Quale significato attribuisci all'acronimo?

SOH    Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)
SOH    State Of Health
SOH    Start of Heading
SOH    Start Of Header
SOH    Stock On Hand
SOH    School of Hospitality (various locations)
SOH    Straits of Hormuz
SOH    Soldiers of Honor (gaming)
SoH    Sons of Hodir (World of Warcraft)
SOH    Survivors of Homicide
SOH    Siege of Hate (band)
SOH    Sports Olympiques de Houilles (French: Houilles Olympic Sports;
sports club; est. 1929)
SoH    Shores of Hazeron (game)
SOH    Scientific Observation Hole
SOH    Start of Overhaul
SOH    Stoughton Opera House (Stoughton, WI)
SOH    Second-Order-Hold
SOH    Saviors of Humor (gaming clan)
SOH    Significant Other Half
SOH    Saints of Hell
SOH    Space on Hire (India)
SOH    Sine is Opposite divided by Hypotenuse (trigonometry)
SOH    So Over Him/Her
SoH    Sepia Officinalis Hemocyanin
SOH    Some Old Hippie
SOH    Sound of Hope (radio network)
SOH    Soldiers of Heaven
SOH    Save Our Homes (Amendment)
SoH    Secretariat of Health
SOH    Staff Officer's Handbook (various organizations)
SOH    Section Overhead (SONET)
SOH    Sense Of Humor (used in personal ads)
SOH    Signal Overhead (SONET)
SOH    Snyder's of Hanover (bakery)
SOH    Society of Homeopaths
SOH    Secretary of Housing (US)
SOH    South of Heaven
SOH    Safety and Occupational Health (USACE)

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