[Python] Turbopascal??

Marco Beri marcoberi a gmail.com
Sab 8 Gen 2011 19:55:26 CET

Cito da http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html :

Programming language Python has become programming language of 2010. This
> award is given to the programming language that gained most market share in
> 2010. Python grew 1.81% since January 2010. This is a bit more than runner
> up Objective-C (+1.63%). Objective-C was favorite for the title for a long
> time thanks to the popularity of Apple's iPhone and iPad platforms. However,
> it lost too much popularity the last couples of months.

 Python has become the "de facto" standard in system scripting (being a
> successor of Perl in this), but it is used for much more different types of
> application areas nowadays. Python is for instance very popular among web
> developers, especially in combination with the Django framework. *Since
> Python is easy to learn, more and more universities are using Python to
> teach programming languages.*

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