[Python] [Announce] PyGobject 2.16.0 (stable)

Gian Mario Tagliaretti gianmt a gnome.org
Dom 4 Gen 2009 22:06:55 CET

I am pleased to announce version 2.16.0 of the Python bindings for GObject.

The new release is available from ftp.gnome.org as and its mirrors
as soon as its synced correctly:


What's new since PyGObject 2.15.4?
        - gobject.timeout_add_seconds() not found in docs
	  (Paul Pogonyshev, #547119)
	- _wrap_g_output_stream_write_async not adding a reference to the
	  buffer passed (Paul, #564102)
	- gio.VolumeMonitor segfaults (Gian Mario Tagliaretti, #555613)
	- Test if `domain' is not-null before using it to avoids segfaults
	  (Paul, #561826)
	- g_output_stream_write_all use gsize instead of gssize (Gian)
	- add __repr__ to gio.Drive, gio.Mount and gio.Volume
	  (Paul, #530935)
	- Missing AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4]) (Loc Minier, #551227)
	- Make codegen not import when corresponding argument types are not
	  registered (Paul, #551056)
	- Fix typos breaking compilation (Frederic Peters #551212)
	- GFile load_contents methods chop data at first \0
	  (Jonathan Matthew, #551059)


GObject is a object system library used by GTK+ and GStreamer.

PyGObject provides a convenient wrapper for the GObject library for use
in Python programs, and takes care of many of the boring details such as
managing memory and type casting.  When combined with PyGTK, PyORBit and
gnome-python, it can be used to write full featured Gnome applications.

Like the GObject library itself PyGObject is licensed under the
GNU LGPL, so is suitable for use in both free software and proprietary
applications.  It is already in use in many applications ranging
from small single purpose scripts up to large full
featured applications.

PyGObject requires glib >= 2.14.0 and Python >= 2.3.5 to build.
GIO bindings require glib >= 2.16.0.

Gian Mario Tagliaretti
GNOME Foundation member
gianmt a gnome.org

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