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Valerio Maggio valerio.maggio at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 19:33:02 CET 2015

Lo so che Simone ha già floodato per DjangoVillage, ma replico anche per la
track PyData.

Vi inoltro il messaggio appena inviato alla ML PyData Italy :)
Se avete una proposta da sottomettere alla track, per favore non esitate.

Se non avete tempo di scrivere l'abstract della proposta, sottomettete lo
stesso in modo da guadagnare la entry prima della scadenza. Avrete sempre
tempo fino all'11 febbraio per raffinare il vostro abstract :)

Se conoscete qualcuno possibilmente interessato, spargete la voce ;)

Grazie a tutti per l'aiuto,

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Date: Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 7:10 PM
Subject: Call for Proposals: PyData Florence
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Dear data geek,
      you're receiving this as you subscribed to the PyData Italy
newsletter at signup.pydata.it

Following up the lighting talk
at the last PyData Berlin conference, preparations for the first PyData
event in Italy are in full effect!

*PyData Florence* will be hosted at the PyCon Sei <http://pycon.it>
Conference,  the sixth edition of the PyCon Italia Conference.

Starting from this edition, the PyCon Italia conference will be
a multi-thematic event gathering the most important sub-communities within
the Python universe.
This is to allow each sub-community to reach a wider audience, and to
support collaborations among Pythonistas coming from different groups.

The PyData community in Italy is still at a very early stage, but we have
high hopes and expectations as we strongly believe in this project.

To this end, I'm writing you to kindly ask for your support to let this
community to grow and proliferate.

If you are willing to help us, please submit a *talk* or *training*
proposal, specifying the
*PyData subcommunity*, visiting this URL:

The full Call for Proposals is availabel at the following URL:

The deadline to submit your proposal is *February, 9 2015*

An obvious metric to show off our presence as a community is the number of
talks proposed to the Pycon Sei conference.

If you cannot make it for the conference, please spread the word: ask your
friends and colleagues, post on social media and mailing list, flood IRC

As usual, first time speakers are more than welcome!

For further information, please visit the PyCon Sei website
<http://www.pycon.it>, or the
*PyData Florence *page at pydata.it
(available as soon as the DNS propagation will be finally completed !-)
Apologies for the temporary inconvenience.)

For any kind of question or inquiry, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks a lot!
Your support is highly appreaciated!


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