[PyRoma] Links Summary

Simone Federici s.federici at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 06:53:57 CET 2014

   - Why... microsoft.stats.org
   - Meeting pitfalls on jitsi.org
   - Short your url using nnx.me
   - Bootstrap with pip.rtfd.org
   - Use always virtualenv.rtfd.org
   - Eventually virtualenvwrapper.rtfd.org
   - Shell by ipython.rhfd.org
   - Write a lot of nnx.me/unittest
   - Docs API by nnx.me/doctest
   - Setup your project by setuptools.rtfd.org
   - Register and upload it on pypi.python.org
   - Or on your private company using nnx.me/cheeseshop
   - If you are really curious nnx.me/heesehop
   - Here the PYPI source bitbucket.org/pypa/pypi
   - Docs your code using sphinx.rtfd.org
   - Upload on "Read the fucking document" rtfd.org
   - By the way Nodeshot is cool nodeshot.rtfd.org
   - But pay attention on responsive design nnx.me/responsive
   - Translate docs using transifex.com
   - or zanata.org
   - or pootle.rtfd.org
   - GPL or MIT? choosealicense.com
   - Develop using nnx.me/pep0008
   - Stupid Question Antipattern solution: lmgtfy.com
   - Namespaces nnx.me/namespaces
   - Binding your code using swig.org
   - or nnx.me/ctypes

Aggiungente i links che me so scordato please...
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