[Python] Fwd: psycopg3: request for support

Marco De Paoli depaolim a gmail.com
Ven 6 Mar 2020 14:49:55 CET

grande Daniele!!
... prepared statements, pure python, copy to/from con iteratori,
transazionalità ricorsiva ... async!! ... wow

un grazie sentito a Daniele per tutto il lavoro su psycopg2 e buon lavoro
per il 3!

adesso mi attivo per il founding...
cosa che invito anche voi lista a valutare


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Da: Daniele Varrazzo <daniele.varrazzo a gmail.com>
Date: ven 6 mar 2020 alle ore 11:31
Subject: psycopg3: request for support
To: <psycopg a postgresql.org>

As the people who know me from the software world know, I have been
psycopg2 maintainer for a good 10 years. During this time the library
has become the de-facto standard for Python and PostgreSQL
interoperation and I have learned all the good and all the bad of it
from thousands of users. I'm proud of the good, and I would love to
fix the bad.

I have wanted to write a worthy successor of psycopg2 for a long time,
but it hasn't been really possible because of that thing called *real
job*. I know myself, I am a pretty single-threaded person, and the
enthusiasm I would have poured into writing psycopg3 would have likely
sent my employer bust.

But there's good news! I don't have an employment now! :)

So I could dedicate plenty of time to write psycopg3... if only I
didn't have that background fear and need for stability that is
screaming that I cannot enjoy the simple things of life (playing
ukulele, making photography, writing database adapters...) but that I
have to find another employment ASAP.

Many companies have thrived thanks to the ease of development on the
Python/Postgres platform: it would be great if they could give back
some support to the project and help me writing a psycopg
implementation fit for the challenges of the roaring 20s!

I have written an article explaining my plans for the adapter and what
it would look like:
https://www.varrazzo.com/blog/2020/03/06/thinking-psycopg3/ Please let
me know what you think, and if you would like to help me to make it
happen please consider a contribution to keep me away from finding a
proper job! Thank you!

-- Daniele
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