[Python] Leggero OT: Non e' questa affermazione sia di fondo cosi' sbagliata

Carlos Catucci carlos.catucci a gmail.com
Lun 2 Gen 2017 15:01:09 CET

Ever have a feeling that there is so many interesting stuff out there
- Angular, React.js, TypeScript, Rust, ELM, FRP, Machine Learning,
Neuronal Networks, Robotics, Category theory... But no way to ever
figure out what are all those about? And there is too little time to
even get a good grasp of any single one of those. IT seems to be like
hydra - one learns one thing and 10 new concepts pop up in the

fonte https://www.devrant.io/rants/122537

In effetti e' dura stare dietro alle novita'

EZLN ... Para Todos Todo ... Nada para nosotros

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