[Python] [Announce] sqlkit - first public release

Alessandro Dentella sandro a e-den.it
Lun 10 Nov 2008 05:09:19 CET

                    ANNOUNCE: sqlkit 0.8.3 

                      November, 10  2008

I'm happy to announce release 0.8.3 of sqlkit package for python -  the first
public release.


Sqlkit PyGtk package that provides Mask and Table widgets to edit database
data. It's meant as a base for database desktop application.

It has a very rich demo. Any comment is really appreciated.

Main features of sqlkit:

  * editor of databases in 2 modes: table & mask
  * based on sqlalchemy: can cope with many different databases
  * very powerfull filtering capabilities:
        - each field can be used to filter records
	- filter may span relationship
        - date filtering possible also on relative basis (good for saved 
  * completion on all text field and foreign keys
  * very easy way to draw a layout for mask views
  * completely effortless editing of relationships
  * very easy way to set defaults
  * possibility to display totals of numeric fields
  * any possible sql constraint can be attached to a Mask or a 
    Table. It can be expressed as a normal sqlalchemy query or with 
    django-like syntax
  * sqledit: python script to edit db

Sqlkit is based on:
  * python (>= 2.4)	
  * PyGtk	
  * Sqlalchemy (>= 0.5)
  * glade
  * dateutils

Dowload & more:

  * http://docs.argolinux.org/sqlkit/sqlkit/download.html
  * hg clone http://hg.argolinux.org/py/sqlkit
  * google group: http://groups.google.it/group/sqlkit/
  * License: GNU GPL

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