[Python] [Announce] PyGooCanvas 0.10.0

Gian Mario Tagliaretti gianmt a gnome.org
Gio 1 Maggio 2008 19:35:18 CEST

I am pleased to announce version 0.10.0 of the Python bindings for Goocanvas.

It is available at:


The bindings are updated with the new Goocanvas API

PyGooCanvas 0.10.0	(May 01 2008)

 o Install a .pc file (Gustavo)
 o Add goocanvas.ItemSimple.bounds getsets (Gustavo)
 o prevent PYGTK from being imported into goocanvasmodule,
   patch from Randall Wood. Fixes LP#150412
 o fix object registration TYPE_CAIRO_PATTERN (Gian Mario)
 o New custom example for SVG images. (Gian Mario)
 o update with new goocanvas 0.10 API (Gian Mario)
 o fix a bug introduced by pycairo API change, see LP#222503
   reported by David Boucher (Gian Mario)
 o Update docs according to new API (Gian Mario)


Goocanvas [1] is a canvas widget for GTK+, It is similar in many ways
to  FooCanvas, hence the name, but it uses cairo for rendering, it has
an optional  model/view split, and uses interfaces for items & views
(so you can easily turn any application object into a canvas item or

PyGooCanvas is a wrapper which exposes the goocanvas API to the
python world.  It is fairly complete; most of the API are covered.

The documentation is done, anyway bug reports on docs are really
important to improve the documentation.

Like the GTK+ library, PyGTK and GooCanvas itself PyGooCanvas is
licensed under  the GNU LGPL, so is suitable for use in both
free software and proprietary applications.

PyGooCanvas requires:

 o Goocanvas >= 0.10.0
 o PyGObject >= 2.10.1 (2.11.3 to build the docs)
 o PyGTK >= 2.10.4
 o PyCairo >= 1.4.0

Bug reports should go to

[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/goocanvas

Gian Mario Tagliaretti

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