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+Title: Quotes about Python
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+Quotes about Python
+Python is used successfully in thousands of real-world business
+applications around the world, including many large and mission
+critical systems.  Here are some quotes from happy Python users:
+.. Quotes collected by Stephan Deibel, for which our thanks!
+Industrial Light & Magic
+"Python plays a key role in our production pipeline.  Without it a
+project the size of Star Wars: Episode II would have been very
+difficult to pull off. From crowd rendering to batch processing to
+compositing, Python binds all things together," said Tommy Burnette,
+Senior Technical Director, `Industrial Light & Magic <http://www.ilm.com>`_.
+"Python is everywhere at ILM. It's used to extend the capabilities
+of our applications, as well as providing the glue between them. Every
+CG image we create has involved Python somewhere in the process," said
+Philip Peterson, Principal Engineer, Research & Development, `Industrial Light & Magic <http://www.ilm.com>`_.
+"Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning,
+and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google
+engineers use Python, and we're looking for more people with skills in
+this language." said Peter Norvig, director of search quality at `Google, Inc. <http://google.com>`_
+"NASA is using Python to implement a CAD/CAE/PDM repository and
+model management, integration, and transformation system which will be
+the core infrastructure for its next generation collaborative
+engineering environment.  We chose Python because it provides maximum
+productivity, code that's clear and easy to maintain, strong and
+extensive (and growing!) libraries, and excellent capabilities for
+integration with other applications on any platform.  All of these
+characteristics are essential for building efficient, flexible,
+scalable, and well-integrated systems, which is exactly what we need.
+Python has met or exceeded every requirement we've had," said Steve
+Waterbury, Software Group Leader, `NASA STEP Testbed <http://www.nasa.gov/>`_.
+"IronPort email gateway appliances are used by the largest
+corporations and ISPs in the world," said Mark Peek, Sr. Director of
+Engineering at `IronPort Systems <http://www.ironport.com>`_.  "Python
+is a critical ingredient in this high performance system. IronPort's
+suite of products contains over a million lines of Python. The PSF is
+an invaluable resource that helps keep Python on the cutting edge."
+EVE Online
+"Python enabled us to create EVE Online, a massive multiplayer game
+with a scale never before seen in the industry, in record time. EVE
+Online server cluster, servers close to 10.000 simultaneous players in
+a shared space simulation, most of which is created in Python. The
+flexibilities of Python have enabled us to quickly improve the game
+experience based on player feedback," said Hilmar Veigar Petursson,
+chief technology officer of `CCP <http://www.ccpgames.com/>`_, the
+developers of `EVE Online <http://www.eve-online.com/>`_.
+"HomeGain maintains its commitment to continual improvement through
+rapid turnaround of new features and enhancements.  Python supports
+this short time-to-market philosophy with concise, clear syntax and a
+powerful standard library.  New development proceeds rapidly, and
+maintenance of existing code is straightforward and fast," said Geoff
+Gerrietts, Software Engineer, `HomeGain.com <http://HomeGain.com>`_.
+Thawte Consulting
+"Python makes us extremely productive, and makes
+maintaining a large and rapidly evolving codebase relatively
+simple," said Mark Shuttleworth.
+University of Maryland
+"I have the students learn Python in our undergraduate and graduate
+Semantic Web courses.  Why?  Because basically there's nothing else
+with the flexibility and as many web libraries," said Prof. James
+A. Hendler.
+"The travel industry is made up of a myriad supplier data feeds all of
+which are proprietary in some way and are constantly changing.   Python
+repeatedly has allowed us to access, build and test our in-house
+communications with hundreds of travel suppliers around the world in a
+matter of days rather then the months it would have taken using other
+languages.  Since adopting Python 2 years ago, Python has provided us
+with a measurable productivity gain that allows us to stay competitive
+in the online travel space," said Michael Engelhart, CTO of
+`EZTrip.com <http://www.eztrip.com>`_.
+See also this list of `other Python users <http://www.python-in-business.org/success/>`_.
+"Python in conjunction with PHP has repeatedly allowed us to develop
+fast and proficient applications that permit `Real Estate Agent .com
+<http://www.realestateagent.com>`_ to operate with minimal
+resources. Python is a critical part of our dynamically growing
+cluster directory of real estate agents." said Gadi Hus, Webmaster,
+`Volico Web Consulting <http://www.volico.com/>`_
+Firaxis Games
+"Like XML, scripting was extremely useful as both a mod tool and an
+internal development tool.  If you don't have any need to expose code
+and algorithms in a simple and safe way to others, you can argue that
+providing a scripting language is not worth the effort.  However, if you
+do have that need, as we did, scripting is a no brainer, and it makes
+complete sense to use a powerful, documented, cross-platform standard
+such as Python."
+"Python, like many good technologies, soon spreads virally throughout
+your development team and finds its way into all sorts of applications
+and tools.  In other words, Python begins to feel like a big hammer and
+coding tasks look like nails."
+-- Mustafa Thamer of Firaxis Games, talking about Civilization IV.
+Quoted on page 18 of the August 2005 `Game Developer Magazine <http://www.gdmag.com/>`_.
+"We chose to use python because we wanted a well-supported scripting
+language that could extend our core code. Indeed, we wrote much more
+code in python than we were expecting, including all in-game screens
+and the main interface. It was a huge win for the project because
+writing code in a language with garbage collection simply goes faster
+than writing code in C++. The fact that users will be able to easily
+mod the interface is a nice plus as well. The downside of python was
+that it significantly increased our build times, mostly from linking
+with Boost."
+-- Soren Johnson, lead designer, Civilization IV.  Quoted 
+in `a Slashdot interview <http://games.slashdot.org/games/05/10/27/059220.shtml?tid=206&tid=11>`__.

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