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PostgreSQL 9.4 rilasciato:

18 DECEMBER 2014: The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the
release of PostgreSQL 9.4, the latest version of the world's leading
open source database system. This release adds many new features which
enhance PostgreSQL's flexibility, scalability and performance for many
different types of database users, including improvements to JSON
support, replication and index performance.


With the new JSONB data type for PostgreSQL, users no longer have to
choose between relational and non-relational data stores: they can have
both at the same time. JSONB supports fast lookups and simple expression
search queries using Generalized Inverted Indexes (GIN). Multiple new
support functions enable users to extract and manipulate JSON data, with
a performance which matches or surpasses the most popular document
databases. With JSONB, table data can be easily integrated with document
data for a fully integrated database environment.

"JSONB brings PostgreSQL to the JavaScript development community by
allowing JSON data to be stored and queried natively. Node.js and other
server-side JavaScript frameworks can benefit from the safety and
robustness of PostgreSQL, while still storing data in the schema-less
format that they prefer," said Matt Soldo, Product Manager, Heroku Postgres.


In 9.4, Logical Decoding supplies a new API for reading, filtering and
manipulating the PostgreSQL replication stream. This interface is the
foundation for new replication tools, such as Bi-Directional
Replication, which supports the creation of multi-master PostgreSQL
clusters. Other improvements in the replication system, such as
replication slots and time-delayed replicas, improve management and
utility of replica servers.

"The main reason behind our immediate adoption of PostgreSQL 9.4 in
production is the new Logical Decoding feature," said Marco Favale,
Cartographic Production Manager of Navionics. "The ability to write
custom and flexible output plugins will allow us to transparently
collect changes on selected tables and replicate changes where we like,
by removing heavier - and more complex to manage - trigger based
replication solutions."

"Zalando relies on the stability and performance of hundreds of
PostgreSQL database servers to continuously serve millions of customers
all around Europe," said Valentine Gogichashvili, Team Lead Database
Operations at Zalando Technologies. "We are excited to run time-delayed
standby servers which work out of the box, and will evaluate the new
bi-directional replication tools as soon as they are released."


Version 9.4 also introduces multiple performance improvements which will
allow users to get even more out of each PostgreSQL server. These include:

Improvements to GIN indexes, making them up to 50% smaller and up to 3X
Concurrently updatable Materialized Views for faster, more up-to-date
Rapidly reload the database cache on restart using pg_prewarm.
Faster parallel writing to the PostgreSQL transaction log.
Support for Linux Huge Pages for servers with large memory.
"We will definitely benefit from concurrent refresh of materialised
views, delayed standby servers (which will make our disaster recovery
even more robust) as well as the usual performance improvements every
new release carries on," added Marco Favale.


Press Kit
Release Notes
What's New in 9.4
About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the leading open source database system, with a global
community of thousands of users and contributors and dozens of companies
and organizations. The PostgreSQL Project builds on over 25 years of
engineering, starting at the University of California, Berkeley, and has
an unmatched pace of development today. PostgreSQL's mature feature set
not only matches top proprietary database systems, but exceeds them in
advanced database features, extensibility, security and stability. Learn
more about PostgreSQL and participate in our community on our web page.
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